Spontaneous Shopping Trip: Superdrug, New Look & Tesco

My boyfriend had a dentist appointment on Friday and I decided to tag along. Rather than having a list of things I needed or wanted I just went to browse and to potentially spend more of my amazing New Look gift card. I found a few bargains that I thought I'd share.


I knew before I went that quite a few of the brands in superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on. I'd have preferred if it was 3 for 2 across all the brands as there was different things I'd like to have tried out but I settled for Rimmel. Rimmel has a really good range of products, nothing is too expensive and they have quite a few new products out. 
The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation has been raved about everywhere (including by me.) When I first bought it it was on offer for £6.99 but it's back to it's full price of £8.99 and essentially it's kind of worth it. 
You can probably tell from the amount of mascara reviews I've done that I like to try out different ones, especially when new ones come out. I'm a bit of a sucker for all their claims, fancy wands and packaging. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara looks quite good and was £6.99 so it landed in my basket. 
I also got the Lasting Finish 1000 kisses Lip Tint which was £5.99 but worked out as free through the 3 for 2 offer. I think this lip product has avoided the blogger radar and been overshadowed by the Revlon lip balm stains. I've tried both and think Rimmel might have won this one for me. 

New Look

It was always going to be hard for me to leave New Look empty handed with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I was sensible and only got three things. I found a pair of ballet pumps in the sale for £11 that are perfect for wearing with most outfits. When I picked them up my boyfriend said 'Don't you already have a pair like that?' He just doesn't understand shoes! I also bought a boring essential purchase, a white bandeau for £2.70 with student discount. These are handy for wearing under tops with low necklines or arm holes. Lastly, the real impulse buy, was a gorgeous soft knit pink jumper which was £13.50 with student discount. This is going to perfect for wearing in the autumn or winter, it's really soft and cosy.


I got a few bargains from Tesco including a half price bottle of rose and some rocky road slices for 90p. The more interesting things included a free Quattro for Women razor when you bought some Quattro refills. So for £6.49 I got a new razor and enough refills to last me ages. I also got some Simple face wipes for £1.43 (more than half price.) These are handy for taking makeup off having having a bottle of rose ;)


My Mum and Dad were off on their holidays this past week and I was manning the fort on my own. They were lovely and brought back two cute Me to You gifts for my new car - some air fresheners and a visor CD holder. The CD holder is fab, before I used to just pile up my CDs in the door pocket but now their all neat and organised.

Do you prefer a spontaneous shopping trip or do you like to be strict and only shop for what you need? Let me know if you want any reviews of the products I got too!


  1. Your new jumper is so lovely, perfect autumn colour. The quattro womens razor deal is so good, definitely going to see if it's still on when I go later today! I usually have a list in my head of what I need when I go shopping but then I get there and I forget all about it :) xx

    1. I know right, I'm so excited to wear it :) Hopefully it's still on, it was cheaper to get all of that than just buying a refill pack for my old razor. xx

  2. I love spontaneous shopping trips - they are the best! I really love the Rimmel foundation too :) so good for a drugstore product!! Xx.

    1. You can't be disappointed if you don't have a shopping list :) xx

  3. Rimmel Wake Me Up is probably my favourite foundation, ever! xo

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