Shellac Nails at Home - Step By Step Guide

Shellac Nails at Home
Step By Step Guide

What you'll need:

UV Nail Curing Lamp 

Nail varnish remover
Nail File
Nail Buffer
Shellac Base Coat and Top Coat
Shellace polish
Gel Cleanser
Gel Cleanser Wipes

Step One

Remove any nail polish that's on your finger nails in order to prep your nails.

Step Two
Buff your nails to remove any flakes and to smooth the surface. This helps prevent any cracking and chipping.

 Step Three
File your nails. This is quite an obvious step. If you don't have filed, neat nails you won't have neat gel nails.

Step Four
Apply a coat of Shellac Base Coat. Cure your nails for two minutes under the UV lamp. My lamp turns off after 60 seconds so it's easy for me to keep track of the time.

Step Five
Apply Shellac polish then cure under UV lamp for two minutes. Repeat this step in order to have opaque even covered nails. Remember to apply in thin layers as if it is applied too thick the gel separates from the nail much quicker. Thick layers are also more likely to be wrinkle resulting in a gel nail which isn't smooth.

Step Six

Apply a Shellac Top Coat and cure under UV lamp for two minutes. This works just the same as a regular top coat during a regular manicure. 

Step Seven
Use gel cleanser on a gel cleanser wipe to remove any gel residue and to enhance the shine.

Have you ever had Shellac style nails done? Would you consider trying gel nails at home?


  1. My sister does nails etc so I'm lucky I get mine done that why if I want them, I love how shellac nails last and make your nails look perfect!

    1. Aw that's really lucky! It's so much more affordable to do them at home than paying a fortune for one manicure at a salon :) x

  2. WOW!! These are amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful I will be fowarding your link to my friend as they have just qualified as a nail tech and I'm sure they will find this so interesting.
    Simply Stunning!

    1. Thank you so much Emma. You'll be getting them to do your nails then eh? hehe x

  3. Brilliant site Jenna. Just bought myself a UV lamp and polish etc so going to give this a go! Jenny