Prairie Charms Review

Prairie Charms is a cute online store selling limited edition bracelets, friendship wraps and brooches. I'd never heard of Prairie Charms until they contacted me on twitter and I'm very glad they did as I now have three bracelets I wear almost every day.

I chose to buy the set of two bracelets which is titled 
I chose this not because of the quote, but because I knew these two would look perfect together with a huge selection of bracelets I already own. I love that they are named with little quotes, it's a cute added touch.

You'll probably notice that there is three bracelets there rather than two. One of the fantastic things about Prairie Charms is they are completely customisable. I chose to have a silver heart on my black beaded bracelet rather than the wings. The other bracelet in my set was meant to be a gold bow on the cream bracelet. Theres was a bit of a mix up at Prairie Charms HQ as they were super busy with all their blogger requests and I was sent a cream bracelet with an angel wing. The customer service of Prairie Charms was excellent and it took only one little tweet for the problem to be solved and the correct bracelet sent out to me, free of charge. It now means I'm lucky enough to be the owner of three adorable little bracelets that I mix and match almost daily.

I have to admit that I was expecting a bracelet with larger beads and a bigger charm. The charms are teeny tiny. Now that I've had the chance to wear them (loads) I'm actually glad their not big as not once have I been annoyed by the bracelet hitting off my laptop or felt like it's getting in the way. This makes the bracelet a perfect everyday piece. I do wish however, that the charms weren't attached to the elastic as they are. They just don't sit right. You can probably tell from my photos, as I struggled to get the charms to show off how cute they are. They need to be attached in a different way, perhaps in a similar fashion to the Links of London charm bracelets.

The price of delivery is a bit steep. It's £3.99 whether you buy a single bracelet or a whole set. As the bracelets are only dainty they arrived in an envelope and the price of postage was only a large letter. Inside the envelope the bracelets were packaged with care and did look adorable. Understandably this adds to the postage and packaging costs but I find £3.99 too much!

Prairie Charms bracelets would make a good gift as they are adorable little bracelets, in cute packaging and money goes to charity too! I think what would make these even more prefect is if there was a small note attached (similarly to their card) stating that money has been given to charity through this purchase.

Have you bought any bracelets from Prairie Charms? Are you taking part in the Blogger Project too? Please leave your link below if you are, I'd love to see what bracelet you chose.


  1. I love Priarie charms!
    Great blog, found you on the BBU hop.

    Lilla x

  2. Great blog, found and followed from the blog hop :D xx