Models Own Buff Pink Swatches

After seeing it all over blogs I really wanted to try Essie's Ballet Slippers because it was such a lovely, light pink- a shade of pink I didn't actually have. Then I noticed Buff Pink by Models Own, which was cheaper so I decided to try it out. I've used loads of Models Own polishes before so I knew it'd be good quality. As Buff Pink is such a light colour I knew I'd need more than one coat. I found three to four the best for an opaque pretty pink colour. 

Three Coats
Close up of four coats

In comparison to the photos I've been I think Models Own Buff Pink is a good alternative for the slightly more expensive Essie polish.


  1. Loved it !#so natural

  2. Love this color ! For it being cheap(as you say), it looks like it can be Dior ! xx

    1. I've never tried a Dior polish and won't ever have to if Models Own is just as good :) xx

  3. ooo Really like this colour! I love natural nails so this is perfect :) hareemxx