MAC Daft Pink Mineralize Blush

I think one of the prettiest things to look at in MAC is their mineralised products. I admit that's the main reason why I bought this blush in Daft Pink. I swatched loads of the blushes in Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh and was l left needing this.

Daft Pink the perfect pretty, girly pink blush that I was looking for. It has gold veining that adds a beautiful radiant glow. The shimmer is not too much on the face and it removes the need for highlighter. 

It's not the most pigmented blush in the world but I feel it's a good subtle amount of baby pink, which makes it very complimentary on my fair skin tone. I use an angled brush to apply along my cheekbones, rather than the apples of my cheeks. 

What's your favourite blush from MAC? Are there any other brands that have blushes as pretty as MAC?

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  1. I love MAC blushes and I probably wouldn't buy from anyone else except them and NARS.. have you seen Dainty min. blush from MAC? it looks purply but its pink and lilac swirled, I swear by it! It's so gorge! xxxxx