Flamingo Costume - 21st Birthday Fancy Dress

It's not unusual for us to celebrate our birthdays in fancy dress. We've had all sorts of themes such as Cavegirls, Smurfs, Cowboys, Mexicans and Army. For Yasmin's 21st she decided on the theme Zoo Animals. 
I didn't want to buy a costume, I wanted to create one using stuff I already had. I quickly decided on a flamingo due to having a pink dress which would just need some feathers. 
I bought a feather boa from ebay for £2.50 and safety pinned it along the neck line of the dress. Then to add a 'tail' I safety pinned the rest of the boa in a circle just above my bum. 

Rather than looking like an actual flamingo, I wanted to suggest Flamingo but not be in a full on fluffy animal costume. I wanted to add to the flamingo theme by painting my nails. Rather than painting flamingos on I opted for pink tips and pink,white and black feather designs in the corners.

As for makeup I had two choice: Use pink eyeshadows or use huge eyelashes. I chose the eyelashes because I didn't have much time to get ready and eyeshadow was a risky choice. I also made sure I had pink lips in the form of Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Cotton Candy. To add the final bit of pink I glued a feather to my head and each hand using eyelash glue. By the way, this worked amazingly! The feathers stayed all night!

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