Fashion on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

Save on what you spend

Why pay full price if you don’t have to? If you’ve got your heart set on a gorgeous dress on it only takes a minute to find out if you can get it for cheaper. is an amazing site which clearly shows codes and offers in one place without having to search on google multiple times until you find one which is still valid (nothing worse than thinking your going to save yourself a tenner to find out it expired three years ago!)

So rather than paying £42 for this stunning lace sleeve dress, it'd cost just under £38 by adding the code Hello into the promo code box, from fashion

Shop in the right places

There’s no denying that Top Shop has some amazing clothes, but the price tag isn’t always justifiable. It doesn’t mean you have to go without though. There are so many websites that offer similar pieces for much cheaper. Sometimes it means you can buy 2 or 3 dresses for the price of only one from Top Shop.

Funky Divaa is probably my favourite place to look for affordable dresses for a night out. Their selection of clothes are fashionable and the website is updated so frequently that there's always something new to update your wardrobe.  


Obviously these dressed aren't exactly the same, but they're a similar style and for over £20 difference (or even more if you use the code JENNA20 on I wouldn't mind going without sleeves for the night. 

Room31 sells discounted branded and unbranded fashion pieces and started from a market- where the best bargains can be had. I love this Vero Moda (a brand which sells in Republic for a considerable bit more) for only £10. This is a perfect transitional piece which can be worn without tights in Summer through to tights and leather jacket in the winter and all for £10!

OhsoFab is another fashion website with complete bargains on dresses, tops, jackets and skirts amongst many others. You really can't complain when you can buy a gorgeous dress like this for only £8!

This is a website that's a bit quieter on the bargain fashion radar but as the link suggests everything on the site is £5. This means you can get loads of things from bags, to tops, dress and shoes for £5 a piece. Some of the stuff is quite on trend, with my favourite item from the site being these shoes.

If your shopping in the High Street the most obvious place to have a browse is Primark. Primark is well known for having pieces 'inspired' by other high street shops and even designer brands. It feels good when people ask where your dress is from expecting a reply like Top Shop or Dorothy Perkins and you can reply with a smug grin 'Primark - only cost £10'.

Make money whilst you spend

By signing up to free cashback websites like and your able to receive a percentage of the money you spend. I love these sites for getting a few pounds back with every purchase you make online, through these sites. Sometimes you might only make 50p but it all adds up and if you've got some patience you might be able to make a huge lump sum to spend on something extra special!
I've been using TopCashBack since January and have made back over £30. When you think about it it's actually like free money.

Get rid before you buy more

I think everyone's guilty of having items in their wardrobe that never gets worn. Wether it doesn't fit anymore, you don't like it anymore or it's out of date. I know how hard it is to part with clothes that you've spent your money on. You try and be ruthless and end up throwing it back in thinking 'I might wear it'. It's a no brainer to get rid of clothes you'll never wear again, but why not make some money from it?

I know firsthand how satisfying it is to sell your old clothes on ebay. It can be time consuming but definitely worth it when your paypal balance is enough to pay for your whole basket of clothes from New Look or Missguided.

Ebay is also a good way to add bargains to your wardrobe. After listing a mountain full of clothes I tend to have a little browse and managed to bag myself an in season River Island dress for only £4! So don't knock it until you've tried it ;)

So what do you think? You going to try out any of these tips and tricks? Has any of these pieces caught your eye? Or do you have some tips of your own that you can share?


  1. Thank you for this! I've been wanting to do an Ebay account for ever now and I think I will now that I know its worth it :). Great post xx

    1. Definitely worth it! It's what allowed me to get my built in wardrobe too because without selling my stuff on ebay I'd have far too much to fit it all in. Thanks :) xx

  2. Thank you for including Room31 in your fashion finds! We always have discount codes available too! If you can't find one - ask!
    Ruth - Room31 x

  3. Ooo this has really inspired me! :)
    will certainly look into these cashback sites, fab post.


    1. Thanks Liz :)
      It's made me want to go on a huge shopping spree - whilst earning cash back of course ;) xxx

  4. Really helpful post! Will definitely be checking out that fashion vouchers website.. :)

  5. Thanks :) It's highly recommended! x

  6. oooh i will try and put these into practice! i do not shop at topshop at all really, its kind of a waste of money for me :D

    i loved this post!
    Found you on the BBU BLog Hop :)
    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. Agreed, It's not particularly in my price range :) I follow these tips and save myself some money or get nice alternative.

      Thanks :) xx