Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Review

I've had the Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic kit since November and loved it since day one. The selection of concealers are perfect for multiple flaws whether under eye circles, blemishes or dull skin or eyes. The kit retails for £28.50 and is available on the Benefit website or Boots. A very reasonable price for the products included and gives you the opportunity to try out a range of concealers before splurging on a full size which might not suit you.

All 6 products and two double ended brushes come in a book(Diary) style packaging with instructions and a handy mirror. Apologies now for the slight mess around the products and brushes, as said I've been using it since November. The book is a really good size as it's not too big, but maybe not practical for travelling.

The kit contains Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in two shades, Benefit Lemon Aid, Benefit Eye Bright, Benefit Erase Paste, and Benefit That Gal Primer.

The book inside holds the key to using each product perfectly, describing what to use it for and how.

The "That Gal" brightening face primer is a 7.5ml sample size, which is actually the same size as the June Glamour Benefit sample . I've used this a few times and there's still loads of product left. I've not been absolutely wowed by this primer but I did notice my skin look a bit brighter when I used it and it left my skin feeling smooth.

The Erase Paste is a 3.2g pot and the product inside is thick and creamy making it perfect for covering under eye circles.
Unfortunately it comes in shade 2 Medium which is slightly too dark for me but thankfully I can still make it work. If i was to repurchase I'd be investing in shade 1.

Lemon-aid and Eye Bright are the two Benefit products that I've heard of but would never have thought of trying out. There is 0.9g of both products in a small pan inside the book. Lemon-aid is an eyelid corrector primer. Because I don't use eyeshadow that much I don't feel the need to use a primer but the correcting effect was actually quite good and left my eyelids looking evened out. I wouldn't buy this full size though because I don't have that much need for it. It's nice to have though. Eye Bright is also a nice little product for highlighting the corners of your eyes to brighten them, or for under the eyebrows. I think the stick version is probably better to use. I won't be buying this either as it's £14 and hasn't exactly transformed my look.

There are two shades of Boi-ing concealer set in pans inside the book packaging. There is
1.3g of each concealer in shades light and medium. These are described as 'industrial 
strength' concealers and I have to agree that their really good, but wouldn't describe them 
as industrial strength. Their totally suitable for everyday use and depending on whether I'm 
covering a blemish or putting it under my eyes I can use just one of the shades or mix them 
together. I'm really glad these concealers have been included in the set as I've actually 
purchased a full size of the light concealer.

The two brushes aren't amazing but do come in really handy, especially for using the erase paste. As my nails are quite long it's hard to scoop out some concealer without under my nails being covered so scooping it out with this brush and rubbing in with my finger seems to be the best option. All the other products seem to work best with the heat of a finger which softens them slightly.

Obviously I'd not repurchased the set again as not all the products were suitable for me but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try out their range of concealers. I suppose the set has done what it intended to do as I've already purchased the full size of the Boi-ing concealer and I've got my eye on the Erase Paste in shade 1.

Have you tried the Concealaholic Kit? What's your favourite concealer or Benefit product?


  1. Hi Jenna - I really love your blog, it's such a nice design. I love your photos too!

    I found you on the BBU blog hop, i'd love you to check out my blog

  2. You'll looking flawless with all those concealers! I've never tried the Benefit concealers but I love Coralista, it's one of my favourite blushes.
    nikkilou loves

    1. Haha I know right, there is every concealer I could need. Oh I was so close to buying that the other week but went for a MAC one instead. x

  3. I love the little handout guides which Benefit do with all of their products xo

    1. They're so handy! Made me use the products in ways different to what I'd have tried xx