Wardrobe Renovations

I've got a cupboard in my room which has acquired the nickname the 'Cupboard of Doom'. It was home to everything from Barbies to Hama beads, videos to fancy dress costumes, teddies to  board games. It was basically a dumping ground for all my stuff. If something was put in my cupboard it was very unlikely that it would be taken out or used again. 
Recently I decided that I wanted to change my cupboard from a waste of space to a 'built in wardrobe'. I was very doubtful of it happening as I knew I'd need to convince my parents and find a place for everything inside it.
I finally got the ball rolling on Thursday by buying two large boxes to store my vast 20 year collection of teddies and TY beanie babies. These boxes were soon filled and put into the loft. Next I began to move any board games that we'd potentially use as a family into my brother's cupboard (cheating, I know, but he's moved out). Next was a mountain high pile of things to take to the charity shop and lastly the three black bin bags full of junk fit for the bin!

The cupboards starting to take shape. There is still a few boxes of things to be sorted through such as my collection of videos. Any advice with what to do with them? In reality I know that I'll never watch them again but I can't seem to part with classic Disney films.

I've decided the top shelf will be used to store a couple of boxes which are full of teaching resources ready for when I graduate next year. My suitcase, laptop case and sombrero,cowboy hat and cave girl bone will all be kept up there too hopefully.

My next steps include giving the inside a fresh lick of paint as it's quite dull and slightly covered in scribbles. My Dad is going to be putting a makeshift rail up just below the top shelf and the other two shelves will be taken out.

I need some ideas of how to store my shoes, as they will most likely be finding residence at the bottom of the cupboard. 

I've spent some time searching for wardrobe pictures to give me some inspiration and I thought I'd share a few with you. If you've got any small wardrobe ideas please let me know!


  1. The inspiration photos are all so nice and neat, mine could never be that neat!
    Job well done on clearing out all that stuff, sometimes you just need to be brutal!
    Shoes are always such a problem when it comes to storing them :-/ xx

    1. I have way more stuff than the inspiration pictures but it did give me the push I needed to get it all finished. I've managed to find a way of storing all my shoes in my new wardrobe and my heels are actually hidden but kept nice xx