Victoria's Secret UK Wishlist

With Victoria's Secret opening in London today and me desperate to go on holiday it's resulted in me browsing the UK Victoria's Secret website at all the amazing bikinis, hoodies and yoga pants in admiration. I'll not get the chance to go to the store any time in the near future, and lets face it I can't really afford to spend that much on a bikini I'll be lucky to wear a couple of times a year but I still put together a bit of a wish list. 

Which ones your favourite? Are you planning on visiting the shop in London soon? Have you bought anything from Victoria's Secret before?


  1. Victoria's secret has such cute yoga pants and hoodies but why must they be so expensiveee?!?!? They have been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember ! xx

    1. They're even more expensive in the UK! If I actually get something from there I'll probably wear it every day haha xx