Ultimate Holiday Hair Competition

Unfortunately it looks like I'm not going to be going on holiday this summer but that didn't stop me wanting to enter the GHD Blogger Competition. I noticed the GHD & Best British Bloggers competition on Beautyjunkielondon.com and soon started imagining what I'd want my hair to look like while I was sitting back on a sunny beach sipping cocktails. I've gone for a look which looks effortless but still put together.

My Holiday Look involves three steps – plait, texture and twist. The GHD styler is the main hair tool used along with the Heat Protectant spray, Straight and Smooth spray, Final Fix hairspray and Root Lift Spray all by GHD.

I started off by plaiting my hair to create the 'plaited hairband' look. I chose to have it behind my fringe to allow my forehead a bit of protection from the sun and to prevent the front of my scalp from buying (talking from experience!) This would be held in place using the Style Final Fix Hairspray to stop any flyaways or it falling out of place.

To pull the hair back from the plait I used a paddle brush to brush the hair back and tease it slightly without damaging the hair. I then added a small amount of Volume Root Lift Spray to added an extra lift. This pulls the hair back form the plait which helps showcase it.

Next up is the curls and waves using the GHD Styler. I couldn't decide whether I wanted all waves or all curls. I opted for a mixture of both to create the effortless beachy texture as all curls looks too styled whereas all waves lacks volume and shape. Before going anywhere near my hair with a straightener I make sure to protect my hair from the heat using the GHD Heat Protectant spray then brushing through with a paddle brush to distribute the product. Next I spritz some straight and smooth spray to prevent any frizziness. To create the beachy texture I alternate between waves and loose curls using different 'rotation' methods.

Lastly the hair on my right side is twisted to pull it all to one side. This is held in place with one grip and sprayed with Final Fix Spray to stop it from falling loose and unravelling. By having my hair all to one side I don't have to worry about it flying about in the breeze on the beach as its held in place and falls over one shoulder. It also helps to show off any tan I've managed to get.

What do you think of this style? Do you style your hair while you're on holiday or do you opt for au naturale?


  1. Love this look :) very pretty and summery!

    I love ghds there's so many things you can do with them, they are definitely my holy grail hair straighteners! xx

  2. Thank you :) I totally agree, I'd be lost without mine xx

  3. This looks real pretty :) I'm useless at hair styles, really wish I was better! x

  4. Thanks :) A bit of experimenting and practice and you'll be a pro ;) x