Purity Skincare Favourites

I’ve got quite dry, sensitive skin so I can’t expect to try just any skincare and have my skin agree with it. My biggest problems tend to be exfoliators are too rough and moisturisers don’t’ quench my skins thirst.’ I got the chance to try some products by Purity Skincare I did my research before accepting. I didn’t want to agree to try products that weren’t right for my skin.

Background of Purity:
Purity Organic Skincare is a British brand, conceived and created to bring intelligent, sustainable and organic beauty to each and every one of us. Purity Organisc Skincare is Ecocert certified, with 98 % of the ingredients of natural origin and an average of 82% of it's ingredients processed from organic farming. Purity Organic Skincare is free from paragons, GM or petroleum-derived ingredients, silicones, els and synthetic fragrances. Purity Organic Skincare contains no chemical ingredients to avoid irritation to the skin.
Purity Organic Skincare is priced form £4.99 to £8.99.

The idea of using organic, fragrance free, chemical free products sounded suitable for sensitive skin so I gave them a go and have already been completely converted by 3 of the products.

Whenever I used a moisturizer I used it morning and night, regardless of whether it was a ‘day’ cream or not. So given the chance to try a moisturizer specific to night I realized how beneficial to my skin it was. I now wake up to skin that feels soft rather than dehydrated.

The Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser* has quite a strange consistency. I was expecting a thick, creamy moisturiser, especially for night time. This is actually more of a balm. Due to the thick consistency of the balm you barely have to use any before your face is covered. I can see this moisturiser lasting for months as I've used it everyday for over two weeks and it barely looks used. This is a fantastic moisturiser, it doesn't make my skin feel at all greasy and it sinks in amazingly. My skin is definitely thanking me for using this instead of an average day cream.

I've used my fair share of cleansers and the ones I've always like best are those which remove your makeup with only one or two cotton pads. When I'm taking my makeup off I can't be bothered with hassle, I much prefer convenience.

The Conditioning Cleansing Lotion makeup remover* felt creamy, and not too greasy. It actually felt slightly more moisturising than most cleansers I've tried. It does a  good job at removing all my makeup even my mascara with a few swipes, but am I the only one who still wants to use a remover specific to eyes? I'd love if Purity made an eye makeup remover that was nice and gentle but got rid of every last bit of mascara.
At first I really like their strange dispensing lid thing but I can see now that once the lotion begins to run out it'll be an absolute nightmare to get the last of it out. Also, in comparison to the moisturiser the cleanser will need to be repurchase twice or even three times per pot of moisturiser.

Lastly, exfoliators are essential for my dry skin but having dry AND sensitive skin is a bit of a nightmare. Any good exfoliator is always too rough for my poor skin. I was delighted to try the exfoliator by Purity which actually contains coconut shell!?

Similar to the cleansing lotion the exfoliator* was incredibly creamy. I've never actually felt an exfoliator like it. I think the photos show quite well the mix of cream cleanser and coconut shell exfoliants. This stuff has been fantastic at really cleaning and softening my skin and has no negative effects what so ever. 


  1. This exvoliator looks lovely, I sometimes find them too rough also so I may have to try this one out :)

    Hope your good hunni :)

    1. I love that it's coconut shell as the exfoliants in the cleanser, I suppose that's why it's not too rough.
      Yeah, thanks, you too :) xx

  2. Anything with coconut is good in my books and the fact that it's organic makes it better!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following back :)