OSiS Festival Competition

I've never been to a festival before. The idea of going days without a shower and being able to wash my hair didn't thrill me so I just never bothered. But in actual fact it doesn't have to be that awful. There is such a selection of hair products available to keep your hair looking fresh and styled, festival hair is actually really easy to achieve.

I've decided to enter the OSiS competition by Immediate PR, which I seen posted on twitter, and opted for one of my favourite summer styles which is definitely perfect for a few days squelching about in the mud in wellies, denim shorts and waterproof jackets. 

The look is one which can be changed with a little help of some OSiS products and kept perfect all weekend.

My fringe is the part of my hair that would annoy me most and become unruly quickly so I chose to french plait it across the front. This keeps it out of the way and looking sleek. To make sure it stays in place I'd spray some OSiS Freeze Pump before plaiting. This strong hold spray is perfect for spraying on before the plait as it isn't crispy and is perfect for working with the hair after application.

These waves were created using the Babyliss Wave Envy and are guaranteed to stay put for days. By using this waving tool just before setting off for the campsite you'll be working big healthy waves. As you sleep on the hair it flattens. To add volume and scrunch up the waves I'd use some OSiS Pump My Curls and Dust it. The Pump My Curls adds definition and keeps the waves in place whilst the Dust it is a texture powder which, when added to the roots, adds volume and life back into the hair.

As the days past a sprinkle of Refresh Dust would bring back life into dull unwashed hair and make it look fresh and clean. A bit of Shine Duster is perfect for adding shine and making the ends look glossy ( I'd avoid the roots, you don't want them to look any more greasy than they may already do after 3 days!) 

What do you think? A look suitable for festivals? How would you wear your hair?

Products Mentioned: OSiS Pump My Curls (£11.60, 120ml), OSiS Dust It (£12.95), OSiS Refresh Dust (£11.60, 100ml), Shine Duster (£11.60, 15g)

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