Multicoloured Animal Print Nail Art

These nails are super easy to do and really effective. I received so many compliments while wearing them and so many people questioned whether they were actually my nails. I used all Barry M Nail Paints except from the Andrea Fulerton Nail Art Paint for the black lines because it's thin and easy to make small lines and dots. This look works really well with a plain white background and nice bright colours on top.

Start with a base coat, I used two coats of Matt White to make it even before adding random sized dots onto each nail. I did about one or two of each colour on each nail.

Next and final step is to use a black to slightly outline each colour and add extra dots. As you can see I've not fully outlined any colours and some only had a line on one side. This stops the colour being covered and disappearing and also stops the black taking over the colourful look.

I used six different colours: 1 base coat, four for dots and a black for outlines.


  1. love this! xx