Babyliss Curling Wand Review


I've had the Babyliss Conical Wand for over a year now and felt I should share it with those who might not know what it is or how amazing it is. The conical wand doesn't have a clamp like curling tongs back in the day - think Carmen girls! This means the curling process is easier, quicker and creates a smoother finish. There are four heat settings which is good for adjusting depending on hair type and texture. I normally use either 185 or 200 degrees, simply to speed up the process but 155 would be perfect if you have thin hair.

There are so many different ways to use this in order to create different looks. You can divide the hair up into small sections to create smaller curls or bigger sections of bigger, wave like curls. A bit of practice and experiment is key to finding a look you like best. 
Whichever way I'm doing my hair I find the curls stay in place all day and even look good after being slept on.

A wee word of warning, be careful not to burn yourself - it's easily done. This wand actually comes with a glove to protect your hand but I find it difficult to divide my hair up while wearing it so I opt for the try not to be clumsy approach.

I got my wand from boots and it was £24.99 and actually still is. For how amazing this wand is I think that it's totally worth it. Massive 10 out of 10 from me!

I've added a couple of photos so you can see how my hair looks after using this wand.

Loose curls, mainly at the ends of my hair.

Tighter curls throughout the whole of my hair.


  1. Aww they look gorgeous curls :-) I've always used a tongue and worried about how good wands were, but need something new as my tongues are so old! Think might get a wand next xxx

    1. Definitely recommend this one. You can do different styles so it's really versatile xx

  2. This makes your hair look lovely!
    I have this wand too and it's brilliant, the only thing that can actually curl my fine hair! x

  3. Your hair looks lovely!
    I have this and it's the only thing that can actually curl my fine hair! And I got it on offer for a really good price too :) x

    1. I love the different types of curl you can create swell. Really? I've never seen it on offer, but £24.99 is a good price for such a good curling wand x