Rimmel Scandal'eyes Review

The huge, thick brush is fantastic for adding volume and length but does require a slower, careful application in order to not get mascara everywhere.
This picture shows how wet the mascara is, which does make it slightly messy to use. 

As you can see my bare lashes are quite fair and short. In actual fact my lashes are extremely fair and this is them after using Eylure Dylash on them two weeks ago.

With only one coat my lashes are much darker and longer. My bottom lashes are a lot more defined and my lashes in general are more noticeable.

 With two coats my lashes have reached a desirable length and quite good volume. I think I would have done an extra coat for the volume I like for nights out. These photos do, however, show that getting mascara on the bottom lashes and close to the root with this huge wand is  difficult.

The mascara did feel like it was beginning to flake after wearing it throughout the day but it did not smudge at all.

I think I'd repurchase this mascara if it was on offer, as it is just now in Boots at £4.99 but perhaps not at it's RRP of £6.99.


  1. One of my absolute favourite mascaras! I love Rimmel mascaras!! xo

  2. It's a good one, I liked the sexy curves one too :) x