Justin Bieber Someday Perfume Review

When I first heard Justin Beiber was bringing out a fragrance for girls I thought the same thing as most - how awful is that going to be? But I didn't judge a book by it's cover and checked it out and gave it a sniff. It has to be said the bottle, aside the cheesy charms, looks lovely and the fragrance is gorgeous. I'm not very good with fragrance descriptions but apparently it has...

Top notes: juicy mandarin, pear, wild berries. Heart: fresh jasmine and creamy flowers. 
Base: vanilla and soft musk.

Overall it's a nice flirty, girly fragrance. The bottle is rather similar to Marc Jacobs Lola, but a bit cheaper perhaps. The scent lingers all day which is lovely when you catch a hint of the scent with a swish of the hair.

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