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Hot Pink Clutch £7.99

I was searching for a new clutch bag that would add some colour to a Little Black Dress outfit. This envelope style clutch is perfect and a total bargain.

The bag has a chain inside adding the option to hang it from your shoulder which is handy.
The picture with my penguinified phone shows that the bag is the perfect size for throwing in a phone, camera, lipstick and small purse.

Available in Black, Light Pink, Green and Blue too.


  1. This clutch is gorgeous! Can't believe how cheap it is! You could get one in every colour :D


  2. I've been loving clutch bags lately, I love the colour of this one and the print inside is really cute too :)

    Frances xx

  3. such a gorge clutch!i i just came across your blog and love it! love all the content you have! :) xx hareem

  4. Definitely, might get the black one too. Thanks Hareem :) glad you like it x