Favourite Face Makeup Brushes

As you can see my favourite face makeup brushes range across different brands from ELF's cheapest collection to MAC.
My favourite liquid foundation brush is quite a new one. The Real Techniques stippling brush is a excellent brush for achieving a flawless foundation application. It doesn't break the bank either at £11.99 in Boots.
The dup fibre bristles are only small which means it takes a bit longer to achieve the airbrush effect but it's definitely worth it. The bristles are really soft which is great for buffing foundation in.
Please ignore the fact that this brush is rather dirty, it's used rather a lot!
Next is another soft bristle brush from Eco Tools. This is actually the blush brush in the Eco Tools range but I much prefer using it for powder. 
This picks up powder well and is a good size for powdering under the eyes as well as across larger areas like the forehead. Again the price of this brush is good at only £7.99.

Next is my most expensive brush, a MAC 187. This costs £27 from the MAC store.
I use this for the quick application of liquid foundation.
The long duo fibre bristles make it perfect for foundation and cream blusher.  It is really soft but does tend to shed after being washed. 

The cheapest of my favourite brushes is the ELF Bronzing Brush which I use for just that.
THe angled bristles make it perfect for contouring as it fits nicely under the cheap bones. THis brush is only £1.50 on the ELF website.

Does anyone have an other brush recommendations? What's your favourite for applying foundation or powder?


  1. I'm so into makeup brushes at the moment it's ridiculous haha! I'd recommend the elf studio powder brush which is awesome for powder and also really quick for liquid foundation. Also the real techniques buffing brush is AMAZING (but you can only get it as part of the core collection set) xx

  2. I have the Elf Studio Powder brush too and I love it, but it's been slightly replaced by the real techniques one. I really want to try the buffing brush too but don't fancy splashing out on the whole set. I'm sure it won't be long til I give in and buy it :) xx

  3. I need to get the real technique brush. I've read and heard so many good reviews about it.

    Thank you for giving me your blog link tonight on #bblogger on twitter, I'll definitely be visiting your blog again.. also following you.

    Thank you again

  4. Four of my favourite brands for brushes :) xo

  5. I love real techniques and MAC too, I use the 187 for my powder everyday :) x

  6. Safira I totally recommend the real techniques stippling brush, worth every penny and thank you for following :) I've never thought of trying the 187 for my powder, might give it a go. x