Customised Bracelet from Jewels4girls

I'm a bracelet person rather than a necklace girl. I don't like having anything too close to my neck so at I'm much more likely to want a fancy bracelet as a gift. My boyfriend knew this and got me this gorgeous personalised charm bracelet for Christmas. I absolutely love it and just had to share it with you. The chain is so delicate and the heart design is quite Tiffany's-esque, as is the fastener which is a thin heart with cross-bar. This Sterling Silver bracelet has a charm which is completely customisable and my boyfriend chose to have "Mark Loves Jenna :)". He admits he thought they'd change the :) into a face but they never so it looks a bit funny, but I love it none the less. I think it adds a wee bit of character.

This bracelet is from Jewels4girls and is just one of many of their affordable, gorgeous gifts. This exact style isn't available anymore but cost less than £30. A similar one is, however, available for only £21.79, the only difference is there is no charm.

I'd highly recommend this website for high quality, gorgeous jewellery at amazing prices. Perfect for a special, personalised gift.