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Daisy Street Wishlist

Customised Bracelet from Jewels4girls

I'm a bracelet person rather than a necklace girl. I don't like having anything too close to my neck so at I'm much more likely to want a fancy bracelet as a gift. My boyfriend knew this and got me this gorgeous personalised charm bracelet for Christmas. I absolutely love it and just had to share it with you. The chain is so delicate and the heart design is quite Tiffany's-esque, as is the fastener which is a thin heart with cross-bar. This Sterling Silver bracelet has a charm which is completely customisable and my boyfriend chose to have "Mark Loves Jenna :)". He admits he thought they'd change the :) into a face but they never so it looks a bit funny, but I love it none the less. I think it adds a wee bit of character.

This bracelet is from Jewels4girls and is just one of many of their affordable, gorgeous gifts. This exact style isn't available anymore but cost less than £30. A similar one is, however, available for only £21.79, the only difference is there is no charm.

I'd highly recommend this website for high quality, gorgeous jewellery at amazing prices. Perfect for a special, personalised gift.

Hot Pink Clutch £7.99

I was searching for a new clutch bag that would add some colour to a Little Black Dress outfit. This envelope style clutch is perfect and a total bargain.

The bag has a chain inside adding the option to hang it from your shoulder which is handy.
The picture with my penguinified phone shows that the bag is the perfect size for throwing in a phone, camera, lipstick and small purse.

Available in Black, Light Pink, Green and Blue too.

Zebra Print Nails - Models Own Top Turquoise and Andrea Fulerton Black


Each nail is totally different which makes it easy to do as you don't need any line to be exact. I typically painted lines from alternating sides, differing the width and length of the lines.

 The Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Stripe and Sparkle Polishes are perfect for the zebra print design. The long thin brush makes it easy to draw thin lines. Top Turquoise by Models Own is a gorgeous teal green colour which creates a bright, vibrant background for the zebra print design.

Justin Bieber Someday Perfume Review

 How cheesy!

When I first heard Justin Beiber was bringing out a fragrance for girls I thought the same thing as most - how awful is that going to be? But I didn't judge a book by it's cover and checked it out and gave it a sniff. It has to be said the bottle, aside the cheesy charms, looks lovely and the fragrance is gorgeous. I'm not very good with fragrance descriptions but apparently it has...

Top notes: juicy mandarin, pear, wild berries. Heart: fresh jasmine and creamy flowers. 
Base: vanilla and soft musk.

Overall it's a nice flirty, girly fragrance. The bottle is rather similar to Marc Jacobs Lola, but a bit cheaper perhaps. The scent lingers all day which is lovely when you catch a hint of the scent with a swish of the hair.

Very Affordable, around £20 for 30ml.

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Cream Moisturiser Review

Described as being able to "give dehydrated, tired and dull skin a boost of hydration" and I agree with every single word. I've got quite dry sensitive skin and this moisturiser has made such a difference.

Small, simple packaging.
Lovely light, smooth consistency.
Lightweight daily moisturiser, absorbs and hydrates quickly.
Only needs 1-2 pumps to moisturise whole face.

Moroccanoil Treatment Review

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil 125ml approximately £30

A big price tag but definitely worth it and lasts a very long time.
Can be used on wet or dry hair.
Adds shine and hydrates hair.
Absorbs into the hair without weighing it down.
Gets rid of frizz in just one pump.
Glass container with pump - very sleek.

A fantastic styling product especially for bleached, long, heat attacked hair like mine.

Will definitely be repurchasing it but won't need to for a very long time!

Makeup Storage - Ikea's Moppe Mini Chest of Drawers

I use a set of 6 drawers from Ikea, £8.99, which is the perfect size to hold all my makeup in an organised fashion but also leaves space on top for brushes and everyday products. I recently got my tragus pierced which requires frequent cleaning with sterile saline to help it heal. On the other side is my heat protect and and moroccanoil.

The top two drawers hold my concealers and foundations.

The middle drawers have lip products and mascaras/eyeliners

 One bottom drawer is home to eyeshadows, blush and bronzers. The other holds powders and new/repurchased foundation at the bottom. This proves that I own too much foundation!

A closer look in my concealer drawer, a selection from Bourjois to Benefit. I suppose my Confessions of a Concealaholic Set takes up quite a bit of space but I seem to have quite a lot of concealer by the time I need to dedicate a full drawer to it.

Next up is my apparent makeup addiction. On top is my favourite going out foundation, Revlon Colourstay and day time foundation, Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish foundation.
My lip product drawer contains a variety of lip care products as well as lipsticks and lip glosses. My faces include the Revlon lip butters and MAC Angel.

My mascara/eyeliner drawer is probably the emptiest, but is perhaps only because each product is quite small. I've got such a wide range of mascaras, all drugstore brands.

This drawer is such a packed, unorganised mess which prevents me from opening it and having a dig around which is a bit unfortunate and needs sorted! I'm not an eyeshadow girl day-to-day so they're all stored neatly waiting for nights out but on top my blushers and bronzers and shoved in as I'd run out of space. Any ideas of where they should go instead?

My powder drawer is least exciting but has some hidden treasures at the bottom that I've had to hide to stop me trying before they're needed.

On top in a jar from ikea is my face makeup brushes. My eye brushes are in a cocktail glass on a shelf near-by.

How do you store your makeup? I'd love to see how other people keep their stuff organised.