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It was one of my best friend's birthdays at the beginning of January and I had a slight panic on boxing day when I realised that I hadn't bought her anything yet. I searched the internet for inspiration and decided jewellery would be perfect for her. I had a quite google and landed on the Zentosa website.

I was tempted to buy her something from the Disney Couture range but came to the conclusion that was more suited to me and that Zentosa had the perfect jewellery from the Sex and the City range. She's a big fan of the film and they had some lovely necklaces. I narrowed my choice down to 3.


I loved the cocktail glass pendant but didn't think the writing on the card would go down too well with her boyfriend so chose the diamond shaped pendant which cost only £12 down from £44!!

Not only was I impressed by the range on the website and the fantastic price, I was amazed by their delivery. I made a few orders on Boxing Day and none arrived before New Year... except Zentosa's! It landed on my front door mat on the 28th of December. It was also perfectly packaged in a small card box and a cute black gift bag.

I'm gutted that I forgot to take a picture of it  before wrapping it up but I do have a snap of it wrapped up with the birthday card. I used the cardboard box and filled it with shredded tissue paper and hid the necklace and gift bag inside.

Since having such a good experience I've been tempted to make a purchase for myself, all I have to do now is choose what! I'm definitely loving the Disney Couture bracelets and earrings; at a good price too.


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