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Models Own: Disco Mix

Hey! Right now I'm on placement which means I get up at 6.30am, drive 20miles to get to the school to start at 8am, spend the day observing, planning, teaching, taking notes and getting to know all the children. The school day finishes at 3.10pm but I don't leave the school until 5pm. I then drive home and want to dive into my bed but I've got a million and 1 things to write up for my smelly teacher's file.

Enough of the moaning eh! Although it's tiring I do love it. I'm in a great school with great teachers and kids - which helps! But to the point, it means I don't have ANY time to myself. My makeup is minimal. My outfits are bland. My hair is just scrapped back. I don't even have time to paint my nails at night.

So I had to wait all week, putting up with the chipped nail varnish on my nails, to paint my nails with this gorgeous new polish that I got my hands on.

When Model's Own held their 50% off sale I wanted to get my hands on Disco Mix (super sparkly blue and purple polish) but it was already sold out by the time the sale started. So when Model's Own were giving away one on their Facebook page I entered straight away and lucky me won one of ten!

Now that it's finally on my nails I love it. It's so sparkly and a bit different from anything else I own. I think it's going to liven up all my outfits this week. I've put 3 coats on as only 1 coat didn't have enough sparkles and looked like a glittery top coat.

With 3 coats


  1. That is gorgeous but it looks so difficult to remove! x

  2. Oh my lord, this stuff looks amazing, DEFINITELY want it! I love glittery nail varnishes <3

    Got a giveaway if you'd like to enter!

  3. love your nails!!!so cool!!!follow u!hope u can follow me back!kisses

  4. Love this, so pretty :).

    Sadie x

  5. What a gorgeous shade, I love it! I feel like I need all the Models Own glitters in my life, their staying power is exceptional.