Stargazer Shake & Bling Challenge

Last week I noticed a tweet from the makeup company Stargazer about a challenge called "Shake and Bling". I was intrigued so I sent an email off and got a quick reply telling me all about it.

"Stargazer have launched the Shake & Bling challenge open to all bloggers. We would like you to come up with a nail design using just Stargazer products.

There are 33124 different combinations of nail designs which can be created using the Stargazer nail products so we’d like you to come up with one of those.

All we ask is that you blog about your creation and put up the image of your creation on your social media sites (twitter or facebook), deadline for uploads is 30/09/11 and winners will be announced thereafter.

We will pick three of our favourites to win a bumper goody bag of Stargazer products, winners will be announced on twitter and notified via email.

You may use any base and top coat of your choice, and then the four Stargazer products. So I will send you nail gems, and then you may choose your shade of nail polish, glitter shaker and nail art pen from the website:"

I'm not much of a nail design expert but I thought I'd give it a go. I requested a nail varnish in shade 157, a pink nail design pen and some gold glitter. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I was feeling inspired by my recent trip to Disneyland. I had a look through my photos while the nail varnishes were in the post and decided that these two photos would be my inspiration,

At first I thought I'd be able to do a silhouette of Sleeping Beauty's castle but soon realised I'd barely manage an outline of the Eiffel tower!

Here's what I used and how my "Eiffel Tower & Fireworks at Night" design turned out...

 :( my nail art pen leaked everywhere!

What a mess I made with the glitter, it was everywhere! If I had more of the wee gems I think i'd have made the Eiffel Tower completely out of them but never mind, I'm quite happy with the final result.

Don't forget, theres still time for you to get involved! Send an email to to take part, but you'll have to be quick!


  1. These look brilliant!
    Thanks for sharing the info, I've just emailed them so fingers crossed! x

  2. Thanks :) Hopefully you get your stuff in time to enter. Definitely send me your link if you do it, I'd love to see what you come up with x

  3. I love what you used for your inspiration for your nail art, will keep my fingers crossed for you! x

  4. Aw thank you :) I didn't realise nail art was quite so hard lol x