Barry M Instant Nail Effects Silver Foil

Barry M describes this new addition to their massive nail polish collection as "a luxurious foil finish previously only acheived from a salon manicure. It only requires one coat and is very quick drying."

My opinion?

This nail varnish glides on the nail really well leaving a super smooth metallic nail behind. It really does look like a stick on nail wraps (well maybe apart from when you can see brush strokes.)The colour reflects the light making it amazingly shiny. It dries super fast, theres no waiting about whatsoever! I'm, also, in complete agreement with Barry M one coat is plenty!
Overall it's got thumbs up from me. 

I actually got this from
It cost the same as buying it from superdrug (£3.99) but I didn't have to browsing the shops looking for somewhere that actually has it in stock. 
I quite like the idea of being able to order a BarryM nail polish to go with a dress that you're buying and only having 1 set of p&p or not having to leave the house. 
It probably appeals to me a lot as my nearest superdrug is 20miles away when I'm at home which is far too much hassle!


  1. This looks lovely. I may place a Barry M order soon as they have new colour crackles out and I want them and this in silver and gold! x

  2. Oooh awesome colour, looks like the stargazer one <3

  3. I love this colour, I've not tried any of the nail effects yet, but this colour looks lovely and not too tacky.