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Stargazer Shake & Bling Challenge

Last week I noticed a tweet from the makeup company Stargazer about a challenge called "Shake and Bling". I was intrigued so I sent an email off and got a quick reply telling me all about it.

"Stargazer have launched the Shake & Bling challenge open to all bloggers. We would like you to come up with a nail design using just Stargazer products.

There are 33124 different combinations of nail designs which can be created using the Stargazer nail products so we’d like you to come up with one of those.

All we ask is that you blog about your creation and put up the image of your creation on your social media sites (twitter or facebook), deadline for uploads is 30/09/11 and winners will be announced thereafter.

We will pick three of our favourites to win a bumper goody bag of Stargazer products, winners will be announced on twitter and notified via email.

You may use any base and top coat of your choice, and then the four Stargazer products. So I will send you nail gems, and then you may choose your shade of nail polish, glitter shaker and nail art pen from the website:"

I'm not much of a nail design expert but I thought I'd give it a go. I requested a nail varnish in shade 157, a pink nail design pen and some gold glitter. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I was feeling inspired by my recent trip to Disneyland. I had a look through my photos while the nail varnishes were in the post and decided that these two photos would be my inspiration,

At first I thought I'd be able to do a silhouette of Sleeping Beauty's castle but soon realised I'd barely manage an outline of the Eiffel tower!

Here's what I used and how my "Eiffel Tower & Fireworks at Night" design turned out...

 :( my nail art pen leaked everywhere!

What a mess I made with the glitter, it was everywhere! If I had more of the wee gems I think i'd have made the Eiffel Tower completely out of them but never mind, I'm quite happy with the final result.

Don't forget, theres still time for you to get involved! Send an email to to take part, but you'll have to be quick!

Primark Haul: September 2011

£3 Dusky Pink/ Nude Seemless Vest Top

£3 Blue/Green Seemless Vest Top

£6 White cobweb top

£6 Nude Tshirt with see through insert

£12 Chiffon Top

£10 Blue/Green Chffon Shirt

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Garnier recently brought out their own version of the Asian 'Blemish Balm Cream.'

This "Miracle Skin Prefector" claims to

  • Evens tone + boosts slow
  • blurs imperfections
  • Smooths fine lines
  • 24hr hydration
  • SPF 15 UV protection

Garnier describes this as perfect for people with a hectic lifestyle and tired skin. If you suffer from dullness, imperfections, redness, sunspots and wrinkles then this BB cream will solve your problems. 

I've had this cream for a little over 2 weeks and I've used it most days. I honestly do believe and agree with their claims. It feels phenomenal on my skin; it's lovely and smooth. It's lightweight and covers any skin imperfections. I feel confident not wearing foundation when I wear this BB cream and it really improves my skin without feeling like i'm wearing a layer of makeup.
I apply it using my ELF powder brush or the stipple brush just like I'm applying liquid foundation. 

My skin with nothing more than BB Cream on (Keeps my freckles on show :) )

Ecotools earth friendly beauty brushes

Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set.

Each brush has soft, cruelty free bristles. They are made of natural and recycled materials. The set comes in a convenient domestic bag which I love. I think it's perfect for travelling because you can pop your makeup pieces in the pouch next to the brushes and go. It also means your brushes don't get bashed and ruined.

I've taken the descriptions/instructions off the back of the packaging and adding my two cents in there too.

Blush Brush
Gently apply blush brush in an upward motion over cheek bones and blend.
This is the biggest brush and might actually suit being a powder brush. It's a flat rounded brush and really does feel lovely and soft.

Eye Shading Brush
Apply a neutral shadow on the lid or crease and blend up and toward your brow bone. 
This brush is quite firm so it's definitely suited to packing colour on rather than any blending. 

Eyeliner Brush
Dot along lash line in short, connected strokes from outer corner in. Also, for brows, apple a small amount of shadow to brow to cover sparse or light areas.
This angled brush is a good size for both eyeliner and brows. It's a nice firm brush for drawing a smooth line and a good amount of bristles to pick up product for filling in brows.

Lash and Brow Groomer
Use brush to give brows shape by brushing upward and out. Use comb to separate and lengthen lashes after applying mascara. 
I never use one of these and don't know whether this a good version or not. However, it seems like it would do the job just right.

Concealer Brush
Use brush tip to precisely apply concealer. Use the flat, fanned portion of the brush to blend. 
I really like this brush. It's a fab size for both applying and blending concealer. I hate when concealer brushes are perfect for dabbing on concealer precisely but can't blend for toffee. It just means you have to use your finger, and why didn't you just apply it with your finger in the first place?!

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Silver Foil

Barry M describes this new addition to their massive nail polish collection as "a luxurious foil finish previously only acheived from a salon manicure. It only requires one coat and is very quick drying."

My opinion?

This nail varnish glides on the nail really well leaving a super smooth metallic nail behind. It really does look like a stick on nail wraps (well maybe apart from when you can see brush strokes.)The colour reflects the light making it amazingly shiny. It dries super fast, theres no waiting about whatsoever! I'm, also, in complete agreement with Barry M one coat is plenty!
Overall it's got thumbs up from me. 

I actually got this from
It cost the same as buying it from superdrug (£3.99) but I didn't have to browsing the shops looking for somewhere that actually has it in stock. 
I quite like the idea of being able to order a BarryM nail polish to go with a dress that you're buying and only having 1 set of p&p or not having to leave the house. 
It probably appeals to me a lot as my nearest superdrug is 20miles away when I'm at home which is far too much hassle!

Models Own Haul and Swatches

I, along with most others, took advantage of the recent Model's Own half price sale. I chose 4 nail varnishes and tweezers. I'd never tried Model's Own nail polish before and was wary about buying any as I've got plenty of polish already but a half price sale was just too good to turn down. £2.50 a nail polish is quite a good deal.

 Top Turquoise, Bubblegum, True Blue and Juicy Jules

I'm delighted with these nail varnishes. The brush is fab and the colours (apart from juicy jules) are opaque and thick enough to only need one coat. To make it even better, they dry really fast. By the time I'd painted the nails on my right hand, my left hand nails were dry.

This turquoise colour is really on trend for Autumn/Winter 2011 and I think this is one of my favourite colours of this season. It's such a bright, rich turquoise colour and really reminds me of the Tiffany boxes.

This is the only colour I don't think I could pull off during the day. It's SO bright. It's a neon pink. It's the perfect colour for adding some colour to a boring outfit. I'm planning on wearing this when I wear my LBD on a night out.

True blue is a gorgeous navy blue colour. It looks perfect with only one coat as it's quite a rich colour. I think this royal blue is a lovely sophisticated colour. 

This is juicy jules with only one coat. I think this would look fab with a couple of layers to make a really sparkly bling nail. You can also use this over the top of a colour to add some sparkle. I'm quite a fan of this polish.

Took me a while to choose which one I wanted to wear, I finally chose Top Turquoise and I'm a massive fan of this "Tiffany Box" colour.   

Primark/Accessorize Accessories Haul

Hey Girls

Hope everyone's well. I'm not long back from my AMAZING holiday to Disneyland and I needed a shopping trip to prevent the post holiday blues ;)
I took about €300 with me to Paris and came home with about 170 left. I ended up not buying too much in the Disney shops as not much took my fancy and it was quite overpriced. 

On a trip to Glasgow I exchanged my leftover Euros and headed to Primark (and accessorize.) I got quite a few goodies and thought I'd split my purchases into accessories and clothes.

First off I got my self a selection of bracelets.  They're all perfect for layering and really cheap. The bracelet in the middle, which is made up of some string and small gold beads cost £1.50. Both other sets were £2. I think the plaited ones on the left are my favourite, one has a leaf charm and the other has a flower charm. They're all neutral autumny colours.

I think scarves are the perfect autumn accessory for when the weather gets a bit cooler. I got this reversible jacquard scarf in a dusky pink and cream colour. It was £4 and is lovely and cosy.

 I was absolutely delighted when I found this necklace. I've got a similar one in gold but the angel wing isn't as large. The chain of this necklace is really long and I think it sits perfectly and it's such a pretty thoughtful pendant. It only cost £2.

Another 2 impulse buys were these feather earrings and a chained hairband. I think i'd wear one of the earrings at a time with a simple small stud in the other ear as both are just too much. These were both £2 as well.

The shoes in this awfully taken picture were £6 each. The shoes on the left are a gorgeous coral colour which isn't a very autumny colour but would manage to brighten up a dull outfit. The pumps on the right are extremely sparkly but unfortunately the glitter gets EVERYWHERE.

Since the beginning of the summer i'd been on the hunt for the perfect sized bag for both uni and for a day out shopping. Online shopping is not suitable for bag shopping! Picture's never do a bag and it's size justice. I also decided I wanted to spend a bit more on a bag and for it to last a long time rather than just spending a tenner on a cheap bag in Primark. I spotted this gorgeous tan and floral bag in Accessorize which cost £30, but I only paid £27 with 10% student discount.

If you've got a recent Primark haul feel free to leave it in the comments, I love seeing what's in stock just now.
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