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Superdrug Purchases

I went to Superdrug on Monday with the intention of repurchasing a GOSH Touch Up Concealer (in shade 2 if you're wondering) but as I seem to have a slight shopping problem I couldn't leave with just one thing.
Thankfully I didn't go too crazy and got 3 other things - 1 is also a repurchase, 1 I'd been considering trying for a while and the other was a complete impulse buy.

I'm pretty sure everything was on offer in one way or another, some had money off and then I think some of them had extra Beauty Card points. All in all I spent about £13 and got 71 points on my card.

I've tried quite a few concealers to tackle my under eye circles and with a recommendation from Zoe's blog I gave this GOSH concealer a try. I'm really impressed with it, it's brightening and hides my dark circles well. It's only a small bottle with 4ml but it does last quite a good length of time. Most of the GOSH stuff is on offer just now in Superdrug and the concealer was only £2.99, I'm pretty sure it's normally around £7 so it was a bargain.

Next up was a repurchase of the Dove Summer Glow in normal to dark. I should really get the normal to fair skin one but the dark one gets a better colour quicker which is good for me because I'm quite lazy when it comes to tanning.
I'm totally forgetful when it comes to exfoliating and moisturiser in good enough time to apply fake tan so I use gradual tanner to avoid disastrous streaks and dark elbows and knees. I find Dove Summer Glow to have the best colour, it's not too orange (like the Johnstons Holiday Skin) and it's moisturising enough. Again this had money off, it was about £2.50 and it's normally about £5.

The VO5 Miracle concentrate Argan Oil has appeared in my basket in Superdrug and Boots multiple times and each time I've put it back on the shelf thinking it's too expensive or I don't really need it or it's just a cheap version of Moroccan Oil so it won't really work. I finally made it to the till still clutching onto it and I'm glad I did. I've only used it once on dry hair (which isn't even the main use of it) and my ends felt hydrated and shiny. I'm looking forward to trying it out in wet hair. I can't remember how much this was but it must have been on offer or it would of been back on the shelf.

The last product is the Urban Fudge Sea Salt Spray. This was £4.99 which meant it  had a couple of £'s off and had extra card points added too. The reason I bought this was for "scrunching" my hair. Since I did the 4 week no heat challenge I've only been using my straighteners once or twice a week and have kept up with wavy hair. I had been using mousse but it started feeling greasy and wasn't up to standard anymore. I'm hoping this will be a bit more light weight and praying that it isn't too drying as most salt sprays are meant to be. Only time will tell.

I seemed to have a lot to say for such a small haul! If you want any reviews don't hesitate in asking :)


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  2. I looooove dove summer glow! xxx

  3. Sweet buys!

  4. It's definitely one of the better gradual tanners :) xo