Lee Stafford's Hot Shots 4 Blondes Review

I've got a review of Lee Stafford's Bleach Blondes Hot Shots but I'm going to start by telling you all a bit about my hair. I'm a natural blonde but as I got older my hair started getting darker and it was a kind of "strawberry blonde" colour. From about 14 I started getting highlights and the highlights grew bigger and I began to get more until I was about 18 when I took the plunge and got my hair bleached. For years I got my regrowth done but more recently I've changed to a full head of highlights.

Being blonde requires a considerable amount of care as it is easily dry and brittle and also can become brassy and yellow. To overcome the second problem - of brassiness or yellowness- I tend to turn to purple shampoos, however, you cannot use these everyday as they can turn your hair purple or grey.

Since trying Lee Stafford's Bleach Blonde Hot Shots I've been converted from purple shampoos to this one off treatment every so often. This gives me the opportunity to concentrate on hydration with shampoos and conditioners. They come in small tubes, and there is 3 tubes to a pack. A pack costs around £7.49 which is quite expensive, but I typically pick them up when they're on offer.

The instructions suggest using them every other wash but this is definitely excessive and I do not advice this. These shots are much more powerful and concentrated than a purple shampoo meaning if you were to use these every other wash your hair may become whitey/silvery/purple. I use them every couple of weeks and only use half a shot each time. This makes the product slightly more affordable while still achieving the same results as a full shot would achieve.

Just as purple shampoo is purple so is this. The product is a bright vibrant colour and I wouldn't blame you if you were scared when you first set eyes on it. This product is used between the shampoo and conditioner. It is massaged in and lathers up quite similarly to a shampoo and left in like a conditioner. The instructions say leave it for 3 minutes. If it is left longer than 3 minutes it becomes whiter and whiter and verges on turning purple. I advise to NOT leave it longer than 5 minutes, TOPS.

As the name "Hot Shots" suggest the treatment is a heated treatment meaning your head does feel like its heating up slightly, which can feel strange but isn't uncomfortable. I'd definitely recommend not getting the gel onto your forehead/face as this can heat up and might be quite sore.After rising, drying and styling my hair looks fresh and brighter with no brassiness in sight. It's a great way to revitalise my hair and add some shine.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has bleached hair, or blonde highlights.


  1. Purple shampoos/treatments are great for getting rid of any yellow tones in blonde hair :)

    If you're ever in Sallys often Rusk do some nice products as well but as you know it's best to do little than often otherwise you may be sporting a purple rinse!

    Great post - I love Lee Stafford products they always smell so good!


  2. Oh I might try that one out. I was using the John Frieda shampoo and it wasn't very strong so I used it every time I washed my hair. Whereas when I used the schwartzkopf stuff it was pretty strong and I kept forgetting when the last time I used it and purple hair is not appealing! lol xo

  3. I used this for the first time tonight and ended up with lavender streaks in my hair. Fortunately, most of the tint came out after I washed my hair again!

    1. Oh no! Got to be very careful not to leave it too long, that's happened to me a few times. Glad the tint has disappeared though. x