Lauren-esque Hairstyling

Lauren Conrad is without doubt my favourite reality TV "star". I'm a huge Hills fan and an even bigger fan of Lauren's style. She is also the inspiration to many of my go-to hair styles.

From the braided fringe
 Lauren Conrad: Love Me Eyes!

To a low side bun
Learn to love the low-do.

and beachy effortless waves.

My absolute favourite at the moment is the top knot. Although I've not perfected mine to look so sleek and well done.

Lauren was one of the many celebs who sported the ombre trend and she sure did it well. With such light hair I couldn't ever try this trend and I didn't have the guts to dye my hair darker just to achieve the look.

Her latest hair change has resulted in these multi-coloured ends.

PIC: Newly Single Lauren Conrad Debuts Multi-Colored Coif

I think this is one of her hair trends which I'll give a miss. Not because I don't think it looks good but my ends are crying out for loving care, not hair dye.

What do you think of her new pop of colour? Would you take the plunge and add bright colours to your hair at the risk of them fading?


  1. I have always loved her hair, not sure how I feel about her latest but I do think its cute x

  2. That's wild! I would definitely do it if it washed out quickly!

  3. The colours would fade quickly but not sure about washing out. Reckon she's going to have to dye over them or cut the ends off xo